Friday, 15 August 2014

h o t d

Flower crown from Forever 21
This was how I wore my hair to work yesterday and I got a ton of compliments on it, so read more to find out how I created it.
  • Step 1 —Brush all the tangles out of your hair
  • Step 2 — Put a headband over your head. You can use any headband you want but I personally love the flower crowns.
  • Step 3 — Take a small section of hair from the right side and pull it over and under (twist) the headband.
  • Step 4 — Repeat step 4
  • Step 5 — Gather the remaining hair into a ball just below the headband.
  • Step 6 — Tuck pieces of hair from the ball into the headband
  • Step 7 — Complete the look by pulling on the hair to make it look a little more loose.
  • You’re done!
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