Friday, 15 August 2014

Review: Sea Mineral Moisture Shampoo//Conditioner

Hey guys, as you all know I’ve been dying to find something to help the dryness of my hair. I previously did a review on the Anti fungal shampoo, Nizoral. To begin with I already have very damaged hair and the Nizoral is making my hair even more dry. I’ve only been using it on my scalp not the ends of my hair due to the dryness it causes. I saw this combo at Shoppers Drug Mart on sale at $7.99 from $10.99, pretty good deal! I’ve heard a lot of good things about the coconut water, argan oil and morrocan oil products from the Organix brand. I’ve been using this about four times a week for the past month, I haven’t noticed any real change in my hair the ends are still very dry not quite as brittle but there is nothing amazing about this product.  It’s got a strong salty smell to it due to the ingredients which include sea minerals, algae and sea kelp. It did make my hair softer and more shiny but I was looking for the help with my split ends which this did not provide as it claimed it did. I was really hoping for a new holy grail shampoo but the search will continue I guess. Happy I bought this for three dollars cheaper than normal as I wouldn’t repurchase but if you’re looking for a brand that doesn’t test on animals Organix is your guy!

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