Wednesday, 22 July 2015

What's Victoria's secret?

Start the ultimate seduction with vanilla orchid, sun-drenched clementine and midnight blackberry, made to thrill in a bold red bottle.

Feeling sexy yet?

Hey guys! 
Who else has endless amounts of body sprays / perfumes in there collection of wonders? I know I have more than enough to last me a lifetime. 

Today I wanted to share my thoughts on one of my favourites; Victoria's Secret "Very Sexy" perfume, as you can see from the picture above I've just about used it up! The notes included are; vanilla orchid, clementine and blackberry. I love anything scented like Vanilla, it is one of my favourite scents and always will be. This is by no means a long lasting perfume but not quite as short lived as a body spray, its right in the middle which is fine with me the bottle is small enough I don't mind having to reapply throughout the day nor do I mind carrying it in my bag. The bottle is glass and since I have last purchased this they have come out with a new bottle design  a much nicer classier bottle then the one I currently own. This costs about $52 USD for the smaller bottle (one above) the smell is fantastic if you are a vanilla fan please go take a sniff next time you're out and about.

What's your favorite scent?

Monday, 20 July 2015

Instagram OOTD// 100th post!!!


Hey loves! I apologize for the horrible quality outfit posts, I need to save up for a lense/tripod as the one good lense I had took a trip in the river, boo along with the camera itself which somehow surprisingly still works! P.s. this is my blogs 100th post, hello milestone!

This was what I wore today although for work I traded up the combat boots for
pale pink flats as I work in an office. I wish I could have got a better photo but I've got no full length mirror either, all these things to save for! I was wearing a handful of rings to add some jazz as well, haha.

Jacket: Charlotte Russe (couldn't find any thing similar on the website)

Necklace: Similar

Shirt: Aritzia

Pants: Similar

Boots: Similar

Congrats to me on my 100th post =)

See you soon!

Wednesday, 15 July 2015


Hey beauts!

Lipgloss, I can't say I'm a big fan....I love bright and bold colours and most lip glosses give you a sheer tint if that. 

I received this sample size Hoola gloss from Benefit when I purchased the Bronze of Champions kit, a normal tube retails for $16 USD which for a sheer tint and some shimmer....I could get that in a Covergirl gloss for half the price. I don't know if it's just the Ultra plush line from Benefit but I also have the Dandelion gloss and my gripe is the same as this one, sheer and shimmer that's what you get. The texture of these however is wonderful and they don't feel sticky when applying nor does everything that comes near your face stick to your lips *raise your hand if your hair is always getting stuck to your lip* haha every single damn time I try to wear gloss. Like I said above absolutely no colour payoff but does give your lips shimmer for a couple hours which is amazing compared to drugstore gloss comparisons not to mention this gloss smells amazing.

I wouldn't pay full price for this and I wouldn't buy any of the full size glosses in this line as I don't like either of the two I've tried, sorry Benefit. I love you but these were a disappointment.

Lipstick or lip gloss?

Monday, 13 July 2015

Blistex -- My holy grail lip balm

Hey loves!

I have a wonderful product to share with you that I have been using for YEARS, my holy grail lip product, king of all.
The amount of money I have spent on these little tubs of miracle balm is outrageous, I never have this without me.

Now, I found once I started using this I could not stop which may have something to do with the ingredient list as there is menthol in it which gives the lips a tingly feeling and I find that because I use it so much I find it almost impossible to be without it and I have multiple friends who are the same way so it's almost addictive.....I guess is how I would describe it. In fact mine happens to be sitting on the night table beside me...oops!

I know a lot of people have gripes about tub lip balms as they are not exactly the most hygienic thing as you are sticking your dirty fingers in it throughout the day then applying it to your lips, I understand where you people are coming from but let me tell you after using this for as long as I have  you cannot get away from it. Blistex has this same balm but in a chapstick and I've used both but the chapstick is yellow and little chunks get stuck to your lips and it's very unflattering having to pick off yellow chunks of lip balm off your lips. 

Everyone with dry lips please try this it really is my little miracle and in drugstores (minus Shopper's Drug Mart) it retails for $2.99 CAD/tub which isn't bad considering the size.

What is your holy grail lip balm?

Thursday, 9 July 2015

MURAD Invisiblur and my thoughts on "face and skincare" samples


Hey guys, I have a quick review and a rant of sorts on face//skincare samples.

First my thoughts on a sample I received during my last cheeky online order at Sephora, I do love that every time you order online from Sephora you can choose three samples it's a great way to try a lot of different things not to mention The deluxe samples you can get with the Beauty Insider card.

The sample choices this time around weren't too great so I got this along with a Lacoste and Marc Jacobs perfume sample (neither of which appealed to me)

The MURAD Invisiblur is a foil packet sample, honestly looking at the front I wasn't too sure exactly what it was to be used for however the back of the packet said it could be used as a primer which is how I used it.
The product inside is different than any other product I've used it feels like a thinner consistency Vasoline or petroleum jelly and it's clear in colour...odd I thought and there was no scent what so ever.
When applied it's fairly greasy which I didn't mind too much as I have dry skin. This didn't seem to make my makeup last any longer than any other primer and with just a sample foil packet I really could see no difference in any of the benefits claimed on the front of the packet which brings me to my thoughts on certain samples....

When you receive a skincare or face sample I don't know about you but it's fairly rare that I will go out after trying one sample of a foil product and buy the full size  there is just absolutely nothing I can gain from a sample unless it's like a BB cream or tinted moisturizer but skin care samples like lotions or cleansers etc. I don't see the point to these minuscule samples that if a skincare line for example are meant to work after a week or so it's rare that a person will notice effects like that after using a sample. In my opinion at least send out a mini jar or something as a sample that may give the user a little more time to test it out and create an opinion.

What are your thoughts on foil packet samples?