Friday, 15 August 2014

Conair 1600 Hair dryer, my most trusted

This blow dryer is my all time love. It may not look like much but this little baby has a punch of power. I have very fine hair but this dries my entire head within ten minutes, even a tad under! It’s lightweight which makes it great and easy for travel, I’ve seen other people claim this is quiet I think it’s quite loud personally. Only has two settings which for me is great as I don’t really like having to mess around with a bunch of different buttons. The settings are high and low and that blue button you see on the side is a cold button so if you feel that the dryer is overheating you can cool it down! The price is fairly cheap for a blow dryer and as you can see part of the name has rubbed off, mind you I’ve had this dryer for I can’t count how many years and it’s still in fantastic working condition!

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