Monday, 27 March 2017

Charmed Aroma - First Experience

For a while everyone and their mothers were raving about the brand Charmed Aroma.

Charmed Aroma is a brand that began selling candles with a piece of jewelry in them that could be valued anywhere from ten - five thousand dollars. 

Having never tried Charmed Aroma for myself my lovely mother decided to treat me to one of their Christmas sets this year.
The set included three mini candles in the scents "Cinnamon Vanilla", "Winter Wonderland" & Vanilla Marshmallow. The candles smelled beautiful my favorite being Vanilla Marshmallow.
How these work is in one of the candles there will be a ring or necklace wrapped in a piece of foil. You have to burn through them to find the foil. 

I'm an incredibly impatient person so of course I set to work by burning all three at the same time and it wasn't long before I saw that piece of foil and again with my impatience I grabbed some tweezers and carefully took it out of the candle before it even burned all the way through.

Now, here is where the fun experience ended.
The ring pictured above on the left is my first ring and as you can see it's missing some jewels.
It's a gorgeous ring with or without those missing jewels but when I went online to find the value {the rings have a piece of paper attached with a code which you go online & enter to find out} it was valued at $250. Do you know how long it took those jewels to fall out? Within an hour both of the smaller square shaped jewels had fallen out. For a ring valued that high I expected much better quality. Not only did it fall apart but it also turned my finger green indicating that it's not real gold, that it's plated. I don't know how Charmed Aroma determines their values but there is NO way this is a 250 dollar ring. I've had ten dollar rings that lasted longer than this. 

I was extremely disappointed.
I proceeded to contact the customer service department which was quite helpful and sent me a brand new ring.
The one on the right was the new ring I received. Not quite as visually appealing as the first however this one was of much better quality. It hasn't turned my finger green nor has anything broke apart. However for a sterling silver ring I found the value to be quite high at $150.

For all the hype surrounding this brand I'm honestly not impressed with the jewelry aspect of it. The candles though smell amazing and are averagely priced. If you're looking for a lovely scented candle then I would recommend trying them out. If you want to buy it for the jewelry aspect I would skip it because I don't think it's worth it. They sell bath bombs as well but I find them to be rather expensive.

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