Monday, 24 February 2014

How much is YOUR face worth?

My Face Products

My Face Products by ruee featuring MAC Cosmetics

Hello everyone, I'm here to tell you today how much my "FACE" is worth. I got this idea from Zoe's Blog (ZoFlo) I'd never seen her idea anywhere else but I really liked it, the idea is to take all the beauty products we use on our daily face and the cost and at the end add the total to see the total worth of our face, I'm not that scared tbh as I don't wear much face makeup...but here we go.
The first thing I used which I could not find a photo of to include in my set is the GOSH 3 in 1 BB cream, a primer, foundation and moisturizer, I really don't like this product actually I am just trying to use it up. It retails for about $22 CA at Shopper's Drug Mart. 
Next is Maybelline FIT me foundation stick in porcelain, I use this as a concealer and it retails for $6.99 at Target.
MAC studio sculpt foundation in NC20. Retails at MAC stores for $37.00 CA
To set it all I use MAC mineralize skin finish natural in Light Plus, retailing for $35.00 CA
Maybelline Eye Studio Master Precise Liner in black, $6.94 at WAL-MART
Maybelline Colossal Mascara (been using this for around four years!) $5.94 at WAL MART
Last but not least, this is my holy grail product I go NOWHERE without this and its $5.49 at Shopper's Drug Mart.
Time to tally the total 

Not bad, this is an estimate however as I wear lipstick just about everyday but all my different lippies vary in price so I didn't want to do every single one.


Thursday, 13 February 2014

Sugar Coated

Hello everyone, as you know I did a review about the Happy Hour nail polish from the Sephora collection which I adored and actually am currently wearing on my nails! I said I would review the rest so here's review #2. Sugar Coated is a very light pink, its far too light to only do with one coat of polish.
This color was nowhere near to the perfection of happy hour. After the first coat I had to wait about five minutes to apply another, you have to apply about three coats to get an even decent color payoff. Even after waiting for each coat to dry, the polish still gets clumpy at the lightest touch. The pictures below are with a top coat as well....
Overall I'm very disappointed in this color.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Long time wishes*

Hey everyone, long time no talk..
Reading all the beauty blogs and watching a variety of beauty gurus on Youtube I've been creating a list of different beauty products I'd like to invest in.
  • Benefit -Hoola Bronzer (won't be buying this until the summertime)

  • ELF Cosmetics - nothing in particular just interested in the brand. *If you recommend anything leave it below!
  • Benefit - Eye Bright Pencil

  • OPI Goldeneye -

  • Benefit - Dandelion blush

  • MAC - studio finish concealer

That's it for now, most products are for the face. Bye for now!