Friday, 15 August 2014

A not so glamorous review -- Nizoral Shampoo

Hey guys it’s been a bit but I’m back with another review. I have an extremely dry scalp and I have tried tons of products with no avail. Nizoral is an anti fungal shampoo used for dandruff. It claims to “kill the fungus that  can cause dandruff” Its not a pretty looking bottle but it’s not exactly supposed to be so no complaints. I’ve been using this for about a week and I haven’t seen a DRASTIC change but I have noticed my head is not so itchy all the time to the point of driving me insane although I still have some flakes. It’s been calming it down for sure, it does dry the hair out so I use it about twice a week as it’s not meant to be used as a daily shampoo. My scratching was so bad I was starting to acquire scabs, gross I know. For the amount of time I’ve been using this my head feels a lot better, I don’t have so many bad areas as before. The patches I do scratch no longer turn into scabs so I really like this shampoo. The one downside I do have is that this is $12.99 for the smaller bottle in Shopper’s Drug Mart but seeing as you don’t use it as a daily shampoo it’s worth the price. It’s not strongly scented which is great. If you have dry scalp problems, look into this product you’ll be glad you did.

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