Wednesday, 21 June 2017

*Press On Nails - Worth it?

Hello loves!

Every woman I know absolutely loves having fresh nails that while look amazing aren't exactly practical. 
I'm not one for fake nails as I find them difficult to complete basic tasks with and I can't bring myself to spend fifty to sixty dollars for a fill every couple of weeks. 
That's where imPress nails come in.

I received these complimentary from Influenster to try out and while I wasn't required to write a blog post I figured why not?

The design of these is right up my alley! The simple matte blue with a gold glitter accent nail is timeless and will always be in style. They look quite purple in the photo but I assure you in person they are a dark navy.
The kit came with 30 nails, a file, a prep pad and a cuticle pusher. 
The downfall with press on's is that they don't stand up to gel nails time wise. Unfortunately within about 5 hours into my work day the accent nail had fallen off. Lucky for me my manager at work just so happened to have a bottle of nail glue handy.
I ended up ripping them all off and re applying them with the nail glue. After re gluing them all into place they lasted for about two more days!
I know nail glue isn't the best thing for our nail beds but neither is having constant gel nails.
If you want those gorgeous nails you see all the bloggers and maybe even some people you know have I highly recommend press on's for a cheaper alternative and if you really want them to last I'd pick up a bottle of nail glue to use as the adhesive on these isn't quite strong enough to last.

Press on's or gel nails, which do you prefer?


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