Sunday, 17 August 2014

a different review, a throwback to an old favorite drugstore bath brand.

So, this may seem like a strange review for a lot of people but the only bath products people seem to review is LUSH and I wanted to throw it back to the drugstore days of bath gift sets before LUSH existed.

When I was younger I received lots and lots of bath gift sets for pretty much any holiday involving presents and a lot of those were Fa sets. Has anyone heard of Fa? My guess is no but I love these soaps. I'm much more of a shower gel person however.

Fa's soaps are made with coconut oil and they all have the marble look you see above, they are also preservative free in case you care about those kinds of things. I think the difference in these soaps to many is the coconut oil. It doesn't dry out your skin like many others because of that factor which is why I hold these soaps high above any others and they're very cheap as they are only a drugstore product.

If you are on the lookout for new soap, I recommend giving this a go.

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