Friday, 15 August 2014

Foundation Review : Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Stick

Hey everyone, bear with me for the next week please as I’m in the process of moving out and my camera is in another town right now so I’m currently using my phone camera. Terrible, I know. And apologies as the outside of my makeup bag is quite dirty.
What Maybelline has to say “Creamy gel foundation transforms to a matte powder finish. Ultra-lightweight powders in the anti-shine core instantly dissolve excess oil.”
At the time I purchased this I made the mistake of not reading the label. I am not a person who needs to dissolve excess oil, in fact I need the complete opposite. I got the shade 110 in porcelain, when first put on it’s nothing special but it does the job. Note that this foundation must be blended in with your fingers. HOWEVER I have extremely dry skin so to no surprise in about a couple hours this foundation was left clinging to the dry patches I looked blotchy and it made my face dry out even worse. When people say you look like a “hot mess” I didn’t even look good I looked like I had a skin disease, this was on fault of my own for buying a foundation meant for oily skin but hey! So give it a go if you have oily skin as I’ve read many other reviews of people who loved it but ladies who suffer with dry skin like me, stay clear!

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