Thursday, 5 July 2018

*Le Petit Marseillais

Hello loves!

I'm sorry it's been so long, I've been given yet another hat to wear at work. I now have the workload of three jobs but am only getting paid for one but tomorrow I'm supposed to have a meeting regarding my compensation so wish me luck.

I've been so busy with my home and work life that my little space on the internet has been a tad neglected. Although don't worry darlings I have a lot of posts planned for the near future.

Influenster kindly sent over a sample of the Le Petit Marseillais body wash to try out in exchange for an opinion which is completely my own.

Whenever I think french I think luxury maybe due to brands like Caudalie but this was just an average run of the mill body wash if you ask me. Despite their claims I found nothing about this excited me or made me feel the need to rush out and purchase it. The thing I was most underwhelmed by was the scent as every other citrus scented product I've tried has been extremely overpowering and this was almost too subtle to notice. In all honestly I won't be purchasing this. Im sorry for coming back with such a negative review but there was just no wow factor here.

What's your favourite body wash?


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Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Book Review - Harry Potter & The Cursed Child

Good morning loves!

I love reading and always have and I don't share that with many people. I've decided to incorporate book reviews into my blog because  it's something I've always loved and I don't have enough people in my personal life to share it with. 

I will start off by saying I think a lot of die hard HP fans went into this thinking it was going to be like the original series which I also think is where the negative reviews of this are stemming. This is a play and is formatted to be read as such.

The story itself was excellent, I felt like I was pulled back into that old magical world with Harry, Ron, Hermione & Draco. It was like being with old friends again and seeing what had changed since their last year at Hogwarts. I like many others though do not like the play format, I truly wish this had been a full size book like the original series as I think this story could have gone on so much further. 
I don't want to give too much away but of course it follows the story of one of Harry's children. Which one, you ask? Well you'll have to read it to find out.

Any other HP Fans, what did you think of this?


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Tuesday, 12 June 2018

a trip to british columbia

Hello everyone.

Well, I'm back at work after a wonderful albeit short weekend away. 
The company my boyfriend works for has an annual golf tournament in Quesnel, BC and this year they offered to reimburse the expenses for the trip so of course we jumped at the opportunity.

The weather wasn't near as nice as we hoped. Originally we had booked a tenting site but the lady at the resort was lovely enough to upgrade us to a cabin for two nights for the price of one. They were these tiny little triangular shaped cabins with lofts in the top. I was so excited about the loft bed! (see photo above) They were just large enough for sleeping which was really all we needed them for.
It's a ten hour drive there so our legs were pretty sore by the time we finally got to settle in.
For the couple of hours we had the first night we sat ad relaxed by the fire with a little wobbly pops.

Saturday morning we were up bright and early! 
I don't golf whatsoever, so I dropped him off and headed back to the cabin which I was mostly stuck in as it was cold and rainy most of the day. By the time the sun popped out I headed back for the dinner which was wonderful. The whole weekend was very relaxing. Whatever time we had where the rain settled for a bit we had a walk around the park and the town.The town is very industrial so there wasn't much but being in British Columbia the areas around it are gorgeous. Then Sunday came and we had to rise early to start our long commute back home.

Despite not wanting to leave it's nice to come home to your own bed and my dog, who I thought was going to have a panic attack from not seeing me for two days. She knocked me off my feet with her love!

What did you get up to this weekend?


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Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Weekend in the Mountains



Hello loves.

Well this past weekend was a busy one for me. I had my moms, step dads and best friends birthday's all in two days! 
So my best friend and I planned a surprise lake day for her sister which if I'm honest did not turn out at all as planned....
First of all the weather was not our friend it ended up being cold and windy as hell so the beautiful day we had planned ended up being us shivering in the water for a good half hour. We were proud we even made it that far. They invited another friend whom I hadn't seen in a good two years who happened to me one of my earliest elementary school friends so it was great to reminisce with everyone about out childhood. These are some of my closest friends as you can see from the above photos and although we hardly see each other anymore it's as if nothings changed and I will love them forever.
 Sunday, I spent the morning helping my man landscape (I hated every second of it, there is no green thumb in this body). Afterwards we headed to my mom's for dinner to celebrate their birthdays. She of course made a lovely dinner and desert as she always does for any family occasion. The next birthday I have to celebrate this month is mine and I'm turning 25 this year, I feel old you guys, real old.

What did you get up to on the weekend?


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