Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Instagram Round Up #8

{top left to bottom right}

Good morning loves!
This morning I just wanted to share a little piece of my Instagram with you. 

Yesterday's FOTD - I've been on this red kick lately. 
 The blue/brown color combo. You guys, this just might be my new favorite thing.
Another selfie. One can never have enough am I right?
My attempt at an ombre liner. I'm trying to branch out and try new things with my makeup.
Tropical eyes, this has been one of my favorite looks I've ever done. Who knew I would love playing with color so much?
Last weekend, spent with good people.

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Monday, 19 March 2018

Stargaze Lily - Sally Hansen

Good morning loves.

The winter in Alberta seems to be never ending. To try and combat my sadness I bought this polish while dreaming of sunnier days.

Sally Hansen's polish in Stargaze Lily. This is a gorgeous shimmery lavender shade, probably one of the nicest colors I've ever used. A week ago I wrote about the Sally Hansen polish in Daycream and how the formula was might I say garbage. This one unfortunately wasn't much better. The color is so light that it takes three coats to make it opaque nor does it apply smoothly. Could it be due to the amount of coats needed? I don't know but I do know when dry there was a ton of tiny little bubbles all over the nail instead of a nice even, smooth finish that I was hoping for. I wish I could get past the formula of this because this color screams perfection to me. If anyone knows a dupe for this please, please let me know in the comments because I adore it!

What's your favorite spring color?


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Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Daycream - Sally Hansen

Good afternoon everyone!
I've finally used all the nail polishes in my current collection so when I wanted to test out something new, I headed to my nearest Wal-Mart. 

I've always found Sally Hansen to be a reputable brand and price wise these were the most affordable option. Before I go any further, let me say, I've tried amazing one dollar polishes and really horrendous ten dollar polishes so I don't think price is a reflection of quality.
These retail for $2.50 and this time they let me down.
The color is aptly named "Daycream." A pale pastel pink that takes about three coats to make opaque. 
The color is simply gorgeous especially as we transition into Spring. The formula on the other hand leaves something to be desired. I let these dry for at least an hour and one accidental rub over the nail it was smudged and caked up in different areas. Maybe it was because I didn't apply a top coat but honestly I've never had anything on my nails that was so easily moved after drying that long.
 I have another polish from this range to try out and my hopes aren't high. Updates to follow.

What's your favorite Spring time color?


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Wednesday, 7 March 2018


Good morning loves!
Back in December I was invited to collaborate with http://www.tosave.com/
An affordable online e-commerce retailer with a range of categories to choose from. Of course, with sites like these you want to be careful, usually based out of China, expect long shipping times and low quality products. They had such a great selection of things to choose from so I went ahead and accepted the invite and placed my order. 

The shipping time was horrendous, I waited for just over two months to get my package but I've ordered off similar sites before such as Romwe and Shein and had about the same waiting time so this was expected. All three items arrived in good condition and were packaged well in bubble wrap.

I was in desperate need of a pair of sunglasses. That's where these Round Hippie Sunglasses come into play. I got mine in the shade green. These were only $1.50! and I'm the type of person who's quite careless with their sunglasses. I like to chuck them in my bag and be on my way. They were in good condition and have withstood the depths of my purse thus far. The only downfall was these do look a little ridiculous on but at least they protect my eyes from those harsh UV Rays.

This I got in the color black because I don't think you can ever go wrong with black lace. It screams sexy to me. Again, I was surprised by the quality. Lace is a delicate material to begin with and this arrived with no rips or tears. Attached by a string is a choker, now when I put this on the string attaching the choker to the body suit was loose so I cut it off. The choker is just held together with velcro so not the greatest quality but it still works.I love the looks of this bodysuit and it makes the perfect layering piece. Hello sex bomb.

 This item looks completely different in person. On the website it looks as though it has a v-neck type neckline but when you put it on it's straight across. The shirt itself is still a nice, wearable shirt but I'm disappointed that it wasn't what I thought it would be. The material is wispy and thin leaving a see through appearance. I'm going to be layering this with lace bralets for the summer.

Overall, I'm happy with my purchases. They are of better quality than I expected and for such an incredibly low price tag you can't go wrong. 

What's your favorite online retailer?


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