Thursday, 21 September 2017

LUSH - Blackberry

Hey lovelies.

I know, I've been on kind of a posting hiatus lately and for that I apologize.
I wanted to pop in and write a quick little post about the Lush bath bomb in "Blackberry."

It's a fairly simple bomb and one that I wasn't too impressed with. Maybe because the other Lush bath bombs I've tried had much more to offer in terms of excitement.
Blackberry fizzes away quickly leaving you enveloped in a sea of purple water. I found the smell to be really subtle in comparison to the rest of their range and to be honest I didn't find it to smell like berries at all. The smell of this left me feeling a bit sickly if  I'm honest. There was no exciting surprises inside like so many others. The only thing that popped in the bath was a tiny bit of paper with the word "BOOM!" on it, whilst a cute touch, I wanted more.

Sadly, I was left disappointed. I expected more from Lush.

What do you recommend from Lush?


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Thursday, 14 September 2017

Rimmel - Wake Me Up Foundation

 Hello loves!

The weather here in Alberta is getting colder by the day and I'm so unprepared for winter. On the other hand fall/winter makeup is my favorite. Bring on the berry shades, dark red lips and bronzed eyes.

I ran out of foundation and bought an oldie that I've tried before. Round two however didn't give me the same results I remembered. The Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation is a medium coverage dewy finish foundation that is meant to make you look more awake. Enriched with vitamin c and "radiance pearls"  it's supposed to erase dullness and even out the skin tone erasing signs of fatigue.
The first time I used this I loved it. It's affordable and I remember thinking it made my skin look beautiful. Back when I first used this I'd only just been getting into the world of base products not really knowing what a good foundation was, now that I know more I'm not so impressed.

This foundation has shimmer in it. I like a dewy finish but that doesn't mean I want my face looking like a disco ball. It doesn't come across that way in the hand swatch but in the daylight you can certainly see the shimmer shining through on your face, it almost creates a greasy look to the skin. As it wears throughout the day it does oxidize, not terribly but enough to notice and this was something I noticed with the lightest shade in the range (100 - Ivory). Not only does it get darker with wear but it breaks up and even completely disappeared in spots on my face. By the end of the day my face looked like a patchy disaster. I wish I'd loved this as much as I did the first time I used it but unfortunately that wasn't the case. I might give the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer another chance too to see if my opinion on it has changed as well. I wrote a review on the concealer three years back and I loved it just like I loved the foundation.

What 's your go to foundation?


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Monday, 4 September 2017

Jeffree Star - Beauty Killer

Hello loves!

I've owned this palette for a while but have only just started using it recently. There is always some kind of drama surrounding Jeffree Star. I don't like him as a person but I truly believe if you go digging into anyone/any brand you are bound to find out something you don't like so if I like the products chances are I'll keep purchasing them.

I didn't purchase this, I won it in an Instagram giveaway. I never win anything so I was super excited, not to mention being Canadian ordering anything of Jeffree's site is a no no. The shipping & exchange are outrageous.

Beauty Killer contains 10 shades, 3 of which are mattes. This is not a palette for neutral lovers as there are only 3 really "neutral" shades. When I first looked at it I had an extremely difficult time trying to create a natural look for work which is why I hadn't really used it. I've taken to using it for nights out or on the weekends when the color scheme is more appropriate.

{left to right: Star Power, Princess, Violence & Rich Bitch}

{left to right: Courtney, Expensive, Confession, Vanity, China White & Black Rainbow}

A couple of the shades have a really dry texture including Star Power, Expensive and Vanity. Despite the dryness I didn't struggle when using them on the eyes. I found all the shadows applied quite pigmented but when blending some colors almost blended away which left me constantly re applying the shadow to build color. Not a quality I'm looking for in my eye shadows. The packaging is like many others on the market, it's housed in pink cardboard and contains a huge mirror inside which is always a nice touch.

Beauty Killer is an average palette with okay shades, it didn't wow me like I thought it would and I'm happy I didn't use my own money to purchase it.

What's your favorite Jeffree Star product?


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Wednesday, 30 August 2017

KYSHADOW - The Bronze Palette FAKE?

Oh hello again!

Fake palettes, they're everywhere. Guys, if you plan on buying an expensive palette please do yourself a favor and purchase it straight from the source or you're liable to end up with a fake. Fake palettes are generally made with lower grade ingredients that can cause severe reactions or irritations to your skin 

I have never purchased from Kylie Cosmetics nor do I plan to in the near future. This was given to me by a co-worker as she found out it was a fake. I like having these so that I can create posts like this to show you guys what to look for if you do plan on trying to save money by buying it elsewhere like eBay. Unfortunately she didn't give me the packaging from it so I can only base my observations on the palette itself.

Note: I did take many of the points from this video as I don't own the real one to compare it to. Thank you Maricela for creating such an informative video! The fake in her video and this one though are not the same so there are still differences.

The first thing is that the tears are different colors. On the real palette in her video you can see they are much more bronze. My fake palette does not have the same color tears as hers did however the ones on mine are much more brown with a tinge of silver.

On the back if you compare it to photos of the real one the creators of this fake have completely mislabeled the top & bottom row of shadows. The bottom row is the names of the top shadows and the top row is supposed to be the shadows in the bottom. The middle one was correct though. In Marcielas video you can see that the real Kyshadow has a serial number just underneath the shades where as the fake one doesn't. I wish I would have had the real palette so that I could compare the ingredients because I imagine they aren't the same.

 Again, I'm unable to compare the shadows but please refer to Maricela's video and her swatches.  Swatches of this palette are below.

So, the colors are definitely different than the original but I don' think they're bad colors. The only scary thing with fake palettes is that you don't know what kind of ingredients are in them and if there safe for use on the skin. I have used this actually and I didn't have any irritation but please be careful with fakes and if you really want a palette, save the money and hold out for the real one because you will be much happier with your purchase than if you spend close to the same amount for something that turns out to be completely different.

I hope you guys found this useful & helpful.

Have you ever bought a fake on accident?


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