Monday, 31 August 2015

Musical Mondays....

Hey everyone,

This week I am loving the Weekend's new album, how did I not know about him earlier?

Sunday, 30 August 2015

A little DIY - throw some glitter in your life

Hey guys, I know it's been a little bit but I'm back with a super easy DIY project for you all!

Who else loves glitter? 
Yes it's a disaster to work with because of the mess but look how cute these wine glasses are!

What you need:
  1. Mod Podge (I did make my own water based mod podge)How To
  2. paint brush
  3. Glitter 
  4. plastic bags
  5. tape
  6. and of course wine glasses

  1. Make sure your glasses are clean!
  2. Wrap a plastic bag over the top of the glass and tape around the stem
  3. Using a paint brush, cover the bottom of the class in Mod Podge
  4. Sprinkle the glitter over the glass (tbh guys, I poured mine all over then shook it off which actually gave it a nice even finish)
  5. Let it dry!
  6. I didn't do this yet but to make it last and washable use a clear coat spray on top

and there you go SUPER EASY and fast DIY, this didn't even take me an hour to do, would be great to dress up a holiday party or any party for that matter 

Hope you guys enjoy! =)

Sunday, 9 August 2015

PSA Urban Decay Naked - Real VS. Fake

Hey guys, I wanted to write this post as a PSA. Ladies if you're looking for an Urban Decay Naked Palette please buy from a reliable source (i.e Sephora, Urban Decay) 
Here's a fake palette compared to the real one....

Top - Real
Bottom - Fake

As you can see right off the bat the real palettes writing is much smaller and the Urban Decay logo is on the opposite side.

Top: Fake
Bottom: Real 

The Spacing on the fake is larger.

Top: Real
Bottom: Fake

The real one says beauty with an edge before listing anything else.


The real brush is gold and is double ended, the fake brush is also gold but the logo is huge and is in black lettering. Another difference is that the brush head is a dark brown where as the real brush head is a lighter brown with almost white tipped bristles, it also is much more cheaply made as it is already starting to come apart.

Top - Real
Bottom - Fake

Top - Real 

Bottom - Fake

When looking at the colors in the palette you can see there is no dimension to the fake ones, the shimmers in the fake palette almost look matte. However when swatched side by side one can easily tell the difference;

Virgin: Much darker and more purple in the fake.

Sin: Darker and more purple toned.

Naked: This one is an exception as they are pretty close.

Sidecar: More purple toned again and less shimmer than the original

Buck: The fake is almost a dirty orange color while the original is a nice light matte brown

Half Baked: No shimmer in the fake, chalky and extremely powdery

Smog: Another close one.

Dark Horse: Purple toned

Toasted: The fake is a muddy red tone

Hustle: Almost looks like a purple shadow in the fake. The real is a beautiful dark brown (great crease color)

Creep: EXTREMELY pigmented in the oringal, no pigmentation with the fake

Gunmetal: Blue toned in the fake but much lighter than the original

The fake is not even well done in my opinion, the brush looks cheap, the packaging looks cheap and on the back I don't have it pictured but the Urban Decay logo is on the real one and its missing on the fake.
The colors in the fake are chalky, extremely unbleandable powdery and hard to apply. Not all easy to work with and for some reason it seems most of the shades in the fake one are  a lot more purple toned.

Please ladies and gentleman be careful where you shop or this might happen to you...

MAC - Speed Dial

Hey everyone!

MAC's Creemsheen lipstick in "Speed Dial" is a great spring/summer color.

It is a warm toned pink but I am cool toned and it looks great, it'll suit a large range of skin tones. It's blue toned and has got a gold micro shimmer that doesn't seem to transfer on the lips but gives the color that extra bit of dimension! It doesn't apply as opaque on the lips like most MAC lippies but is easily and quickly built up. Makes for a great everyday work lipstick as it is toned down enough to be  worn at work. For a creemsheen however on me it did emphasize my dry patches if I did not apply a lip balm underneath and it didn't seem to last long without having to reapply (not a common problem with most MAC lipsticks)

Overall I'm glad I picked this up, its a very feminine shade and looks great on many different people!

What is your favourite MAC lipstick?

Friday, 7 August 2015

Friday Favs!

Hey everyone! I want to let you all know I'm going to be starting a mini series on my blog called Friday Favs! 
Each week I'll be talking about one of my favorite things, no they will not all be beauty related there will be a variety.

To start off...the hair sock (or whatever you would like to call it)


Yes I'm a brunette but regardless I manage to make my hair cover this. These things are perfect for creating that gorgeous pristine ballerina bun! 

I personally like to first put my hair in a ponytail then pull it through this and wrap the hair underneath and pin it as I go. 

Easy and great five minute hair do if you're short on time plus if you don't own one of these you can get the same look by using a sock! 

What do you guys love to do with your hair?

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Maybelline - Master Precise {my old HG}

Hey guys. I'm sure you're wondering why this is no longer my holy grail eyeliner well let me explain...

First off I have been using Maybelline's Master Precise eyeliner for at least five years but recently it is no where close to the product I used to fact I don't think I'll be buying another tube. Maybelline I don't know what you did to the formula of this but w o w has it changed.

The packaging and tip haven't changed and the tip itself makes winged eyeliner an absolute treat even if you have an unsteady hand, HOWEVER it is the formula of the product itself that has become horrible (Sorry Maybelline, you're still one of my favourite drugstore brands!)
I don't know what they did but I cannot for the life of me get this to stay on my eyes I have tried setting it with powder and all the tricks and no, just no. As you can see from the swatch above its a very wet formula and it never seems to dry. One wrong move it will be smudged all over, the second your eyes water forget it say goodbye to all your eyeliner...

I am really disappointed to say this because I LOVED this eyeliner more than any other and the fact it doesn't even last an hour without giving me panda eyes I just I'm so sad. Maybelline, why did you change this? It was so good before!

Have you ever had a HG product that either the brand changed or discontinued it?

Monday, 3 August 2015

Nivea - DNAge Eye Cream

Hey guys! They say you should start using anti-aging products when you're in your twenties so I decided to give it a go with Nivea's new eye cream DNAge. You can't really see in the above photo but in this cream there are little orange bubbles throughout I'm not too sure what they're supposed to be or do in all honesty.

The cream is quite thick and you need to use VERY little so this cream should last me at least half a year and I've been using it daily for about a week and a half. I love how it feels and my under eye area is very dry so its a lovely burst of moisture and feels so refreshing, I use this in the mornings after my regular moisturizer. 


The results (after a week and a half):

In the above photo Nivea claims this cream will firm skin and reduce appearance of wrinkles and puffiness around the eyes....Maybe I didn't use it long enough but I didn't notice VISIBLE results of course I'm only 22 so I can't say much about the anti-wrinkle properties but nor did I notice less puffiness. The only benefit I got out of this cream was the moisturization which for $22 I don't think I'll be repurchasing this.

What are your favourite eye creams?