Wednesday, 5 April 2017

TOPSHOP wishlist

TOPSHOP wishlist

 Hello everyone.

I hope you guys enjoy these wish list posts. Being an adult means a lot of bills and car troubles which means frivolous purchases get put on hold.

I'm such a nosey bugger so I personally love these types of posts to see what others are eyeing up in the shops. Today I wanted to feature a store that's only been in Canada for the past few years. That store is no other than TOPSHOP  which I believe originated in the United Kingdom.

I love clothing far more than I love makeup although that may be difficult to tell from the lack of fashion posts on my blog. That's going to change, I'll still do my beauty but I really do want to bring more fashion related posts into my little space and I hope you guys will enjoy the posts as much as I enjoy creating them!

On to the wish list then...

Moto Shorts - I love the stud detailing on these bad boys they make them much more edgy than if they were just a pair of plain black shorts.

Embroidered Boots - These are just stunning and as much as I adore the embroidered boots, I've yet to purchase myself a pair.

Bag - Honestly guys, I'm in dire need of a new bag. Something not black for once. I don't think I've ever owned a bag that wasn't black.

Criss Cross Top - I've always shyed away from these types of tops because of my lack of boobs but honestly I shouldn't care. I'm sure I can pull it off as well as any other out there!

Court Shoes -  A girl can always use a new pair of shoes. {especially if you work in the office like myself}

Lace Up Velvet Dress - Velvet is all I can say. I love anything velvet.

White Ripped Joni Jeans - I love the look of white jeans and I think it can add something to an outfit that a normal pair of blue denim jeans can't {can I keep them clean is the real question}

Tassel Necklace - I'm not the type of person to buy expensive jewelry. I'm so careless with it so the cheaper the better I say and I love this tassel one.

Let me know if you guys like this post and what you're currently wishing for?


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