Thursday, 20 April 2017

Who To Read

Hello loves!

I shared some of my favorite YouTubers earlier in the month and I thought why not showcase some of my favorite blogs to read as well.

Beky Lou - I've followed Beky for a long time and I love her posts. She has a fantastic mix of lifestyle, beauty & fashion and she just announced some exciting news over on her blog!

Violet Daffodils - Kate is a lovely human. Her posts are well thought out and she was the first person to start commenting on my posts which means a lot to me.

All Things Beautiful - I only recently started reading Jessies blog but she's so down to earth and I really enjoy her lifestyle posts and outfit posts. (She has a wicked sense of style)

Lua - Le-Happy - Lua was the first fashion blogger whose style I truly fell for. She can rock a grunge look like no other. On the opposite side of the spectrum her formal looks are outstanding. Her mixture of styles is what really intrigued me about her and I've been following her for a long time.

Who are your favorite bloggers?


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  1. Aww Bri this has honestly made my day, thank you so much! Your kind words mean a lot :D I'm definitely going to check out the other ladies mentioned in this post too :)


    1. You're welcome!!! I love that your blog features so many different kinds of posts ♥