Friday, 21 April 2017

Loreal Collagen Micro-Pulse

Hey loves!

I'm twenty three now, almost twenty four and due to my desert dry skin I've noticed lines under my eyes and darker circles. (Gasp)
Naturally I've been on the hunt for a decent eye cream. The last one I tried was the Nivea DNAge Eye Cream, see my review here.

When I saw this my immediate thought was that's a gimmicky product. It's the Loreal Collagen Micro Pulse, two step system.
Step one is an eye cream and step two is a micro pulser you use after applying the cream.

I'll be honest I bought it because I was on sale and even though it screamed gimmick to me I was still intrigued.

The outcome, it did absolutely nothing and I'm over joyed I didn't pay full price for it. The cream itself is far too light and sinks in immediately still leaving my under eyes crying for moisture. It did nothing in the ways of brightening my dark circles or helping with the subtle lines that have appeared in the recent year. The vibrator did nothing either and actually stopped working all together within a week. I have nothing positive to say about this product, I've never been more disappointed in something. 

Loreal please discontinue this.

Please leave me recommendations for eye creams below, what do you use?


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