Monday, 10 April 2017

MAC - Velvet Teddy (The Perfect Nude)

MAC's Velvet Teddy, one of the most popular and hyped lipsticks of all time. Thanks in part to Kylie Jenner and her 90's lip.

This had been on my to buy list for a long time before I finally caved in and purchased it.
On a lot of people the swatches I'd seen leaned much more towards the brown spectrum in terms of color but on me it leans very pink.

In terms of application this is the creamiest matte texture I've ever felt but that only lasts a few minutes then it dries down to an extremely matte finish and can leave the lips parched so I highly recommend applying a balm underneath.

This is quite perfectly my definition of a perfect nude. Great pigmentation (always expected from MAC) amazing lasting power and although not cheap, it's not as expensive as the likes of YSL and other luxury brands.

If you are still searching for your holy grail nude I highly recommend checking this out.

What's your favorite nude?


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