Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Benefit's Dandelion

I'd like to say that spring is right around the corner but as I sit and write this the snow falls outside my window. It is still February though but we just had such a lovely weekend and to see it snowing is disheartening to say the least. 

On a happier note I rediscovered Benefit's Dandelion blush in attempt to use up my stash.
A lovely neutral pink that can be worn year round. {I discovered that I bought the full size before even finishing the sample I had in the Feelin' Dandy set, oops}

It's not as pigmented as other blushes on the market but it's easily buildable so I don't mind. Truth be told I'd rather build my blush up as sometimes too much pigment can be a hassle to work with and can end up making you look rather clownish.
For my pale skin this creates a lovely natural flush of pink. The consistency of this is quite powdery but the same can be said for my NARS blushes. The brush included with all the Benefit powders I tend to just toss in the trash. I don't like the way it feels or how it's shaped. I have a million other blush brushes I'd rather use.

As it's so light it wouldn't work for darker skin tones but I think it's a great staple blush to have in your collection if you're fair skinned. It would work wonderfully with a myriad of makeup looks!

What's your favorite Benefit powder?


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