Thursday, 2 February 2017

Trends that Need to Die in 2017 - Thigh Makeup

So, yesterday we looked at the "Nail Piercing" trend. I still can't decide if I'm for or against it as I think it does look cool. I'd be scared though of the hoops getting caught on clothing etc. 

Now here's a trend that I feel needs to die. This new trend is aptly named "Thigh Makeup"
I truly don't understand why you would waste your time with this. I recall seeing hand makeup show up a few times throughout my feed which I still don't understand honestly. The only logical reason I could think of for doing hand or thigh makeup is if you had a look in your head that you wanted to create but weren't sure how it would look so for a first draft say you do it on your thigh to see how it turns out. Maybe even if you were just starting out in makeup and wanted to practice but even then, would it not be better to practice on your actual face?

I really just don't understand it and I think it's a complete waste of makeup especially when some things are so expensive. 

This is a trend that I think needs to stay in 2017.

What are your thoughts?


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