Thursday, 16 February 2017

How To: Crown Braid

Hello loves!

Quick little post today on how to achieve a Crown Braid. I love this hair style, it's simple and effortless but looks more done up then a pony tail or bun. I apologize for the messy hair, it wouldn't cooperate with me this morning!

Step 1: Create a middle part

Step 2: Braid each side into a regular three strand braid {Be sure to leave some hair loose in the front}

Step 3: Flip the braids over your head and pin into place {My hair is thin & fine so it was quite hard for me to hide the bobby pins but if possible try to hide them under the hair as it looks better}

Step 4: Curl the loose hairs in the front to frame your face {You don't have to do this it just creates a nicer look overall}

There you have it, an effortless hair style that looks fancy but in reality is quite simple!

What is your go to hairstyle?


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