Friday, 24 February 2017

Clean & Clear - Daily Pore Cleanser

Why is it that we always run out of products just days before payday?
As I ran out of my very pricey Estee Lauder Foaming cleanser at the most inconvenient time I headed to my local drug store searching for a cheaper alternative.

The first thing that caught my eye was the Clean & Clear Daily Pore Cleanser ($8.99 CAD). Now, Clean & Clear is a brand that is targeted towards oilier skin types however it was the cheapest cleanser I could find and it said on the back that it wasn't drying. As long as you have a good moisturizer you should be fine no matter what you use. 
I do have dry skin as I've mentioned time and time again on this blog.
In terms of removing makeup this worked extremely well! I wear heavy eye makeup daily and even though I use an eye makeup remover on top of this, you don't really need to with this.
There are micro - exfoliating beads suspended in this but they are so tiny that you don't even feel them making it perfect for daily use.
It was drying which I expected but my moisturizer solved that problem.
It left my face feeling soft by exfoliating away the dead skin cells but overall I wouldn't say it was a miracle worker. My skin doesn't look noticeably different but it worked well to remove the makeup and clean the face. I did notice last night a small blemish on my chin. I don't generally have break outs and this has been the only new product in my routine but this blemish could also be attributed to it being that time of the month, its hard to say. I'll continue my hunt for that perfect cleanser.

What cleanser do you use/recommend?


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