Thursday, 5 January 2017

It's a Miracle

Lancome's Miracle perfume bursts with top notes of Lychee, Freesia & pink peppercorn when first sprayed leaving a lovely floral scent lingering on your skin. As it wears throughout the day you can catch whiffs of the more spicy base notes such as ginger, pepper, amber, musk and patchouli creating a more sensual scent.
Miracle is a very feminine scent that doesn't overpower making it the perfect perfume for your days at the office. 
I wouldn't call it long lasts but is very subtle almost to the point where unless you're putting your wrist or wherever you may have applied it near your face you really won't smell anything.
The simple bottle design and pretty pink color of the perfume itself looks quite nice sitting on top of the vanity. 
I tend to like the more luxurious looking bottles myself but this one is simple and clean cut giving it a minimalistic vibe. Sometimes simple is more.

What's your favorite perfume for the office?


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