Wednesday, 25 January 2017

About The Blogger - 50 Facts

Hello loves!

I've been running my blog for about four years now and I'v never done an introductory post. I have an "About Me' page but I feel like people rarely browse those so I wanted to do a facts about me so my readers can get to know more about the face & personality behind Rues-Style.

1, My middle name is Rue - this is how I came up with my blogs name

2. I live in a small rural area in Alberta

3.  I have a Bull Mastiff named Luna who I love with all my heart (Furry Friend Tag)

4. I didn't truly get into makeup until I was about twenty years old

5. I'm twenty-three 

6. I played the Alto Saxophone from Grade 8 until Grade 12

7. Fashion is my true passion

8. I hope to be a personal stylist one day

9. I have a 9 year old sister, ten in February. Oh, how time flies.

10. Tigers are my favorite animal

11. Blue is my favorite color

12. Harry Potter is and always will be my favorite book series

13. I want to get a Harry Potter Tattoo

14. I'm a gamer

15. My celebrity crush is and has been since I was 15, Zac Efron.

16. I'm only 4'9

17. My fiance is 6'2

18. I took Dental Assisting in College (I didn't end up liking it therefore I never finished)

19. I have four piercings (both ears, nose & belly button)

20. My woman crush is Blake Lively

21. Zoella was my inspiration for staring a blog

22. I have extreme anxiety and stress issues

23. I've been to Disneyland & Disneyworld twice

24. I have a brother who is fourteen years older than me

25. Christmas is my favorite holiday

26. I hate my hair (It's thin and fine, hello to two negatives)

27. My favorite place I've ever traveled to is San Diego, California

28. I'm a born and raised Canadian

29. Lip products are my favorite beauty items, I have about 65+ in my collection

30. I've known my best friends for 22 years (They're pretty much my sisters)

31. I absolutely love concerts. I used to go see at least one a month and truly miss it as I haven't been able to for a while.

32. I'm TERRIFIED of spiders

33. Horror is my favorite genre of movie

34. I've watched every season of The Office about 20 times over

35.  My eyes are my favorite part of my appearance

36. I have confidence issues

37. My birthday is June 28th.

38. I hate cooking (I'm working on this though because although I hate cooking I love to eat)

39. Summer is my favorite season

40. Sleeping Beauty is my favorite Disney film

41. I collected Beanie Babies as a kid (see post here)

42. I'm horrible at math and always have been

43. English was my favorite subject in school

44. I despise bicycles and cycling

45. Alexander Wang is my favorite Fashion Designer

46. Kendall Jenner is my style icon

47. I have a personalized Christmas ornament for every year I've been alive

48. My favorite food is tacos (Honestly you guys, I could eat tacos everyday for the rest of my life happily)

49. I didn't get my driver's license until I was 21 as ashamed as I am to admit that. I lived in such a small town and I didn't have the funds to afford a car so I never really bothered getting my license early.

50. I'm always cold, no matter what the temperature is.

Wow, that was surprisingly difficult. Who would have guessed it was so hard to come up with 50 facts about yourself? I certainly thought this was going to be easily accomplished...I was wrong.

If you have a post like this, leave it in the comments below. I'd love to check them out!


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