Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Bucket List 2017

This isn't a resolutions post for 2017 but more of a bucket list. Thing's I'd like to do and see in 2017.
2016 for me wasn't an exciting year by any means nor did I do or accomplish anything extravagant. I want this year to be different I'm sad of watching my life pass my eyes in my day to day. I work, come home and the cycle repeats, it's fairly boring. In 2017 I'm aiming to make much more of my days off. Instead of sitting on the couch I want to go out and create adventures, explore (maybe not the world) but even the areas around my own home. So here we bucket list for 2017;

Go camping more this summer 
Road trip across Canada - I've done this as I have family in Ontario but I've never took the time to stop and see the different hot spots throughout the provinces.
Find a new job - I'm content where I am but I'd like to find something where I can grow with the company and I unfortunately don't see that happening where I am
Volunteer - either at a pet shelter or a homeless shelter. (I'm not sure I could handle my emotions working at the animal shelter however)
Buy a camera - For blogging purposes, I'm not happy using my phone but at the moment it's all my finances will allow.
Go see a musical - I truly love musicals and would love to go see one this year.
Learn snowboarding - For years now I've wanted to learn how to snowboard, mostly because when I'm older if I injure myself I won't be able to recuperate as fast.
Skydive - I'll be honest guys...I don't know if this will get accomplished but I'd like to think I'd be brave enough to jump out of a plane.

So there you have it, some of my bucket list items for the year. I feel like most of these are in reach for me I just need to put the effort in.

What about you guys, is there anything you want to do in 2017?


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