Monday, 23 January 2017

Best of Beauty - People's Choice Awards

We all love the award shows, whether it be the more casual People's Choice Awards or the more formal event, the Oscars. 
The fashion and beauty at the events are always highly talked about and with good reason. As much as I adore seeing the beautifully adorned gowns and gorgeous bold makeup looks from the Oscars red carpet the People's Choice awards are more laid back with more subtle looks although the fashion certainly is still daring.
As much as I love fashion I wanted to focus on my favorite looks of the night.
The first being the lovely Blake Lively. Anyone who knows me knows that I have a serious crush on this woman, she is stunningly beautiful. Not to mention she played my favorite character on Gossip Girl. Simple brown smokey eyes with a natural lip, simple yet fairly effective and boy is she tanned.

Of course we couldn't miss J.Lo. Again, a brown smokey eye but unlike Blake Jennifer Lopez has a more defined eye with the use of a black liner. I love how her lower lash line is smoked out with the brown. Nude lips seemed to be a running theme on a majority of the looks, but hey there's nothing wrong with that. Maybe they're saving the bold intense reds for the Oscars.

Ruby Rose, wow. 
I think her makeup was by far my favorite from the night.
I'm a total sucker for bold lips, even in my day to day I'll wear the darkest red I own as I just love the look of it and this berry color she is wearing is completely vamp and it's stunning on her.
Again, brown on the eyes with black liner (most eye looks were very similar I noticed)  The dark statement lip and bold brows really set Ruby apart from the others and she rocked it.

There you have it my top three looks from the night, Ruby Rose wowed me, I can't get over how perfect she looks.

Who's beauty look held your heart?


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