Friday, 6 January 2017

Overhyped Brands - Essie

I don't know why I continue to purchase Essie's Polishes. They have a wonderful shade range, don't get me wrong. The price and the formula however are a different story. 
My latest foray into the brand was with the shade "Blanc" which like all the others in my collection was a disappointment to say the least. The color of the white is perfect and as expected with any white polish was sheer so I did expect going in that I'd have to build it up quite a lot and three coats later, here we are.
In most drug stores around my area Essie polishes retail for about $11.99, expensive for a drug store polish, no?
It applied smoothly and evenly but it's not even been a day and there's chipping...minimal but for a polish I'm paying over ten dollars for, I expected a lot better in terms of quality.
I've had five dollar polishes that last longer, hell I've had two dollar polishes that had less chipping in a day.
Albeit, I didn't apply a top coat but I've bought other Essie colors that I've used with not only a top coat but a base coat as well and they still crack and chip before 24 hours has gone by.
Essie, you have an incredible range of colors, many of which I've eyed up but your formula is not up to par. It's unfortunate really as I can't think of another brand that has the range Essie has color wise.

What are your thoughts on the brand?


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