Wednesday, 4 January 2017

*Sole Patches | Do They Work?


Us ladies are always trying to find new ways to make those gorgeous but painful heels we own more comfortable. Bring in Sole Patches, an innovative patch that you can either stick to your feet or the inside of your shoes. 
To test these out I of course went for the most uncomfortable shoes in my collection. They are absolutely stunning but I never wear them because they are such a pain to wear and cause huge discomfort.

I stuck my sole patch to the inside of my shoe where my heel sits as this is the area I feel the most pain in. They felt weird at first just because it's not something I'm used to walking on but these made a significant difference in the comfort level of these babies. The sole patch is made with poron which is a shock absorbing material that creates a nice cushion for your foot. As they are quite a high heel my feet still did get a tiny bit sore by then end of the day but much less than normal. In hindsight I wish I would have also stuck a patch down on the bottom as I think that would have amped up the comfort even more. There is a downfall though be careful wit the adhesive as it's so strong it just pulled the shole right out of my shoe so be cautious when removing. These are a handy tool for anyone who experiences foot discomfort in shoes or just wants to wear that cute pair of heels without the pain!

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