Thursday, 19 January 2017

Throwback Thursday: Collection

Raise your hand if you had some sort of collection as a child.
If you couldn't tell from the above photo, I was OBSESSED with Beanie Babies.
Seeing as it is Thursday I thought I'd do a throwback post and boy this is more of a throwback for me then you may realize. 
Beanie Babies were all the rage when I was younger. Every one I knew had at least ten of these fun little guys if not more. I was on an entire different level of obsessed, these weren't toys for me these were a collectors item. I'm not kidding you guys by the time I was fourteen years old I must have had at least a hundred. I know there was bigger collections out there but every cent from my allowance money over my childhood years was spent on Beanie Babies and I displayed them proudly all over the shelves of my room. 
No one was allowed to touch or play with them except me and I rarely played with them. I felt like a proud mom with the collection I'd acquired and sad but true I couldn't let go of these until I was twenty for nostalgic reasons, you know? 
Does anyone happen to know if any of the older Beanie Babies are worth any money now? Boy, will I be upset if they are. 

So there you have it a throwback into my childhood.

Did you collect anything as a child? What was it?


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