Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Are you a "Provocative Woman?"

When I think of the word "Provocative" I think of a sexually exciting person or situation.  Unfortunately Elizabeth Arden's scent in  "Provocative Woman" didn't arouse excitement in me in any way. It fell quite short from what I expected from the enticing name. 

The bottle design is lack luster and the scent is anything but provocative.
The notes included are; Ginger Lily, Chilled Quince, Water Lotus (Top Notes)
Pink Freesia, Orchid, Papaya Blossom, Amber, Hinoki Wood & White Sand Accord

It's described as an oriental & floral infusion to create a confident & seductive feel. My immediate thought was this smelled much more floral than I thought it was going to which didn't create a seductive feeling in me at all.
The scent itself is not terrible for the olfactory senses in fact it smells quite good if you're into floral scents but the name of the perfume is misleading. When I think of a sexy scent embodying a woman I lean towards the more spicy side of scents, the ones that really pack a punch not something so floral based. I truly don't mind the subtle smell at all, I think it's a pleasant light scent that lingers for a few hours before fading. 
On top of the misleading name the bottle is very boring. When it's sitting between gorgeous perfume bottles in the shelf it would be the last one I'd reach for as there's nothing that draws my eyes to it.  There are a million beautifully designed bottles, it almost seems as there was little to no thought on the design for this.

Not a bad scent but it could have been packaged and presented more creatively as well as given a more apt name.

What scent are you currently loving?


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