Monday, 13 July 2015

Blistex -- My holy grail lip balm

Hey loves!

I have a wonderful product to share with you that I have been using for YEARS, my holy grail lip product, king of all.
The amount of money I have spent on these little tubs of miracle balm is outrageous, I never have this without me.

Now, I found once I started using this I could not stop which may have something to do with the ingredient list as there is menthol in it which gives the lips a tingly feeling and I find that because I use it so much I find it almost impossible to be without it and I have multiple friends who are the same way so it's almost addictive.....I guess is how I would describe it. In fact mine happens to be sitting on the night table beside me...oops!

I know a lot of people have gripes about tub lip balms as they are not exactly the most hygienic thing as you are sticking your dirty fingers in it throughout the day then applying it to your lips, I understand where you people are coming from but let me tell you after using this for as long as I have  you cannot get away from it. Blistex has this same balm but in a chapstick and I've used both but the chapstick is yellow and little chunks get stuck to your lips and it's very unflattering having to pick off yellow chunks of lip balm off your lips. 

Everyone with dry lips please try this it really is my little miracle and in drugstores (minus Shopper's Drug Mart) it retails for $2.99 CAD/tub which isn't bad considering the size.

What is your holy grail lip balm?

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