Thursday, 9 July 2015

MURAD Invisiblur and my thoughts on "face and skincare" samples


Hey guys, I have a quick review and a rant of sorts on face//skincare samples.

First my thoughts on a sample I received during my last cheeky online order at Sephora, I do love that every time you order online from Sephora you can choose three samples it's a great way to try a lot of different things not to mention The deluxe samples you can get with the Beauty Insider card.

The sample choices this time around weren't too great so I got this along with a Lacoste and Marc Jacobs perfume sample (neither of which appealed to me)

The MURAD Invisiblur is a foil packet sample, honestly looking at the front I wasn't too sure exactly what it was to be used for however the back of the packet said it could be used as a primer which is how I used it.
The product inside is different than any other product I've used it feels like a thinner consistency Vasoline or petroleum jelly and it's clear in colour...odd I thought and there was no scent what so ever.
When applied it's fairly greasy which I didn't mind too much as I have dry skin. This didn't seem to make my makeup last any longer than any other primer and with just a sample foil packet I really could see no difference in any of the benefits claimed on the front of the packet which brings me to my thoughts on certain samples....

When you receive a skincare or face sample I don't know about you but it's fairly rare that I will go out after trying one sample of a foil product and buy the full size  there is just absolutely nothing I can gain from a sample unless it's like a BB cream or tinted moisturizer but skin care samples like lotions or cleansers etc. I don't see the point to these minuscule samples that if a skincare line for example are meant to work after a week or so it's rare that a person will notice effects like that after using a sample. In my opinion at least send out a mini jar or something as a sample that may give the user a little more time to test it out and create an opinion.

What are your thoughts on foil packet samples?

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