Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Kat Von D - Metal Matte

Oh hello loves.

I apologize for the lack of posts lately, life is really getting in the way of things these days.
Today's post is featuring one of my favorite palettes, albeit being limited edition I still wanted to share my thoughts. 
This was the 2016 Christmas palette from Kat Von D, the Metal Matte.

I've tried a few items from Kat Von D some being rather disappointing and others exceeding my expectations.

The packaging design is stunning on this just as it is with all her other products. Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe Kat creates the designs for all her products, What I love about this is that if read one way the palette says metal but flip it around and it says matte which I thought was an incredibly cool concept!

 The palette includes 22 eye shadows, 9 in Kat's popular Metal Crush formula and 13 mattes.
This is by far the largest palette I own but for the amount of product you get I think it's fairly priced.

The color scheme includes pops of colors & neutrals, it's a well rounded palette.

I'd never tried the Kat Von D Metal Crush shadows but after first use I was in love. They are soft, extremely pigmented and easy to blend. My favorite shimmers in the palette are Ignite, Twinkle & Glitz.
Some of the mattes swatched quite patchy but overall most of them were pigmented and blended well. They are incredibly powdery but this has never deterred me as all you need to do is tap off the excess from your brush before application. The mattes I found hardest to apply were Jet and Stone both darker colors. Stone, although a lovely color I found to be the most difficult shade to work with. When blending it becomes patchy and the color completely fades away in some spots.

{Top to bottom: Nebula, Watt, Ignite, Tinsel, Glitz, Twinkle}

{top to bottom: Tinsel, Glitz, Twinkle, Volt, Synergy & Flash}

{top to bottom: Linen, Jet, Velour, Stone, Moss, Ribbon & Silk}

{top to bottom: Fringe, Feather, Oak, Suede, Bone & Velvet}

I'm happy I got my hands on this while it was still available and I'm sorry for posting this after it was no longer available but I had to share my thoughts on it!

What's your go to palette at the moment?


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