Monday, 1 May 2017



Bless 90's fashion.
How I miss those grungy days with the chokers and brown lips and the earlier 90's where brightly neon colored windbreakers were all the rage.

What's coming back this season?


I've never really been a fan of anklets but after creating this collage and seeing the gorgeous ones the market has these days I'm thinking about heading to the shops and picking some up for myself this summer.

I live in sandals once the weather warms up, by live I mean I'll wear sandals until the snow starts to fall again. Although I never thought of wearing them before I do think an anklet could add some jazz to an otherwise plain outfit.

I am loving the gorgeous draped silver anklet pictured above by Rebecca Minkoff, there's also one in gold but I much prefer the look of silver accessories. How cute would this be for a day out at the beach?

What do you guys think, yay or nay?


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