Thursday, 11 May 2017

E.L.F. - Electric Fuschia

Okay I've only had this on for one day BUT before you tell me one day is not long enough to form an opinion. It is when the polish is total crap.

E.l.f is a an affordable brand with a lot of wonderful products but affordable can sometimes come with some garbage products as well. This polish is categorized as garbage. It is kind of old though so maybe it's because I've had it sitting around so long but it applied streaky and uneven bunching up in areas on the nail. The color when first applied is this gorgeous bright fuschia! As it wears it dries down to a darker toned down fuschia. Don't get me wrong the color isn't bad but I really loved how it looked when I first applied it so to see it become so much darker was disappointing. Before the night was even over and doing minimal work with my hands the polish was already chipping off around the sides of my nail beds.

All in all I'm so incredibly disappointed with this and am happy it was only a mini bottle (which I ended up tossing in the trash). It was that bad.

Have you tried E.l.f.s polish range?


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