Tuesday, 30 May 2017

E.l.f. - Flirty Fuschia

Hey guys.

I know I just did a recent e.l.f polish review but I'm back with a new shade!
I hope you guys don't mind these posts and I'm sorry to be repetitive but this shade is perfect for Spring and

It's a gorgeous bright pink, much brighter than the aforementioned shade almost leaning more towards a coral toned shade (though you can't tell in the photo).
Again however the formula is not up to par. It went on smooth and opaque in two coats but once again chipped within a day and who wants to spend time painting their nails for it to just chip off before the next morning even comes? 
Not me.

With it being a sample sized bottle I'll continue to use it this summer as the color is a stunning summer shade!

What's your favorite nail polish

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