Friday, 3 March 2017

Brand Impressions - Too Faced

Sorry I've been absent lately. My work load at home and my job has sky rocketed in the past few days! This post was planned for yesterday but unfortunately I didn't have the time I thought I would to get it up.

If you couldn't already tell, I wanted to talk about one of my growing obsessions with the brand Too Faced. They are slowly becoming one of my favorite brands and for good reason. It may not look like the stash others may have built up but I'm constantly adding things to my Too Faced wish list and may be spending more than I should be. Can you really blame me? I mean, just look at their packaging! 



Too Faced has the cutest packaging of any beauty brand and creative marketing tactics! I love that their food related palettes such as the Sweet Peach, Chocolate Bar palettes and even their new peanut butter ones all smell like the items they relate too. Albeit sometimes they can be a bit much but an idea I've yet to see any other brand try.

The only product from my collection I've reviewed was the 2015 Limited Edition Christmas Palette (Le Grand Palais).
I had mixed feelings about it but the other products excluding the Natural Face Palette are complete dreams and I am itching to add more! The most recent addition was the Sweet Peach of which I've fallen in love with. Once winter is over you can bet I'll be breaking this out daily.

I am lusting over their soon to be released Natural Love eye palette and the Love Light Highlighters. I'm just drooling at the absolute gorgeous shades in the palette, dreaming of all the looks you could create with them. With 30 shades the options are limitless. If you guys haven't seen swatches of the highlighters yet I highly recommend you head to Instagram right now and search for them, they are STUNNING. I love a blinding glow which could be easily achieved with these, and if you're not following me on Instagram please do, my username is Briannarue.

What is your favorite beauty brand?


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