Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Aussie's Mega Moist Range

Hello loves!

So much for the beginning of spring. As I type this the sky outside is gray & clouded over. Where's the sunshine we've been waiting for?!

I had a phase for about two years where I was box dying my hair at least once a month if not more and it has caused permanent damage. I've managed to salvage it some what by using coconut oil as a hair mask a couple times a week.

With it being so dry and brittle I'm always on the hunt for moisturizing products. Aussie is a well known and affordable drug store brand. I've tried many of the products they have to offer and am seldom disappointed.

The mega moist range promises to quench thirsty locks but I discovered it did the exact opposite. My hair was extremely dried out every time I used these in the shower it felt like they pulled all the moisture out of my locks. Not only did it not live up to its moisturizing claim it made my hair frizzy and I have never had issues with frizz. 

Aussie you really did disappoint me this time around. Maybe it's because I have fine hair but this had nothing but negative outcomes.


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