Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Easy eyes: Work

First of all I'd like to apologize for the sloppy eyeliner, I've only recently begun wearing it along my upper lash line before I always wore it on the bottom...practice makes perfect right?!


This is a quick and easy look for work created with a duo eyeshadow from Lancome, I believe I got this from my mom in on of the many bonuses Lancome puts on. The top  left photo is shown in much brighter light where as the right is a bit darker, the right is more accurate to the color in real life. 

The pink color is "Peep" and the mauve color is "Snap" Of course I used Peep for my base as well as Coastal Scents primer to keep it lasting throughout my day (note: the above photos were taken earlier tonight, after my 8 hr work day) I used Snap in the crease and then blended it out. So quick and easy and subtle enough for work! I think it's a really nice color for fall and this may just become my go to work look but, we'll see!

I really believe that Lancome is an under rated brand I think a lot of people think only older women use it but they have a lot of great products and if it hadn't been for my mom I may have missed out on this and a lot more but they definitely have something for all ages and should not be glanced over. 



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