Wednesday, 30 September 2015

* KISS - Instawave

Hey loves!

I'm sure you've all heard about automatic curlers well this is not one the greats....I received this for free from Brandbacker.

 The Kiss Instawave automatic hair curler.
I have very mixed feelings about this, let me start by saying when I got this I looked and the first thought in my mind was; "How do I use this thing?" The video below is not mine but shows you how to use it; She makes it look easy to use but I every time I tried to put my hair in it would get caught and tangled and just turned into a disaster probably an operator error honestly but I could not get the hang of it.

I do like that you can rotate the curls either inward or outward! I believe this retails for about $60 in Target, very decently priced compared to other automatic curlers I've seen on the market. For my fine hair though when I did finally get it to work it made really beautiful waves I wouldn't say curls but that is a fault of my fine hair as curls tend to fall out anyways.

Honestly, I wouldn't have purchased this myself it is nice to have for certain things but not part of my everyday routine.

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