Saturday, 5 September 2015

Friday Loves....on a Saturday: Kabuki Brushes

Hello everybody! 

Sorry about this, you know my Friday loves being posted on well a Saturday, unfortunately sometimes there are other things I need to take care of. Please pardon the dirty brush as Sunday is brush cleaning day!

My Friday love for this week is Kabukis. They are FANTASTIC and a great multipurpose brush (for my ladies/gents who don't like to carry a thousand things on a trip)

The polka dot one is from Disneyland (of all places) but its so soft, I've washed it multiple times and haven't had a problem with shedding nor has it lost it's shape, I can't remember the cost of this one.  My other kabuki and the clearly more loved one is e.l.f.s now e.l.f is very hit and miss but I bought this in a set of 25 brushes and I believe the cost was around $75 for the set and I use a good majority of them daily so it is a good buy and comes with a brush wrap as well for all you MUA's out there.

Honestly, the only reason I use the E.l.f one more is that the Disney one is just to pretty to use so I just leave it on my vanity, haha. 

I like to use these to buff my foundation in as I HATE the foundation brushes that are like painting your face it takes way too long and I can never get an even application and with these there are no problems! Easiest way I've found to apply foundation and could also be used for powder, blush. bronzer etc.

If you don't have a Kabuki brush in your collection please go get one! You will thank me!  



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