Thursday, 17 September 2015

Finding the right product...

Does anyone else ever feel like there's always that one product that you can never to seem to find the "Holy Grail" for? 
Mine is hairspray, I have very fine hair and it's impossible to get it to hold a style and I am not joking. Today I curled my hair and I used about a quarter of a can of hairspray...and it still fell out within a couple of hours. Fine hair problems, the struggle is real.

I currently use Aussie but I switch just about every month as I replace it often, haha. 
It's okay, doesn't really seem to hold my style to well and makes the hair crunchy to the feel and creates a crunchy look as well, who wants that?
I have been struggling for years trying to find the right hairspray and it hasn't happened yet so I turn to you internet in hopes that someone can give me some suggestions!

If anyone knows of a good hairspray PLEASE let me know what you use?



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