Monday, 7 September 2015

Sephora: New Year's Resolution musical monday

Hello everyone, my apologies for the messy nails!

This is Sephora's nail polish in New Years Resolution, it looks really light in this photo but in natural light it is a lot darker, I love this color and am very curious to see what it would like with a matte top coat, might need to try it next!

Took two coats to make it completely opaque like most polishes, this is with a top coat and base coat. They did chip in a couple of days but hey I've yet to find a polish that doesn't so I'm not docking points there. Overall it's a great polish would be fantastic around holidays with a glitter accent nail!

For this musical monday....a little 90's throwback. Enjoy.

Uhn Tis Uhn Tis Uhn Tis - Bloodhound Gang

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