Sunday, 9 August 2015

PSA Urban Decay Naked - Real VS. Fake

Hey guys, I wanted to write this post as a PSA. Ladies if you're looking for an Urban Decay Naked Palette please buy from a reliable source (i.e Sephora, Urban Decay) 
Here's a fake palette compared to the real one....

Top - Real
Bottom - Fake

As you can see right off the bat the real palettes writing is much smaller and the Urban Decay logo is on the opposite side.

Top: Fake
Bottom: Real 

The Spacing on the fake is larger.

Top: Real
Bottom: Fake

The real one says beauty with an edge before listing anything else.


The real brush is gold and is double ended, the fake brush is also gold but the logo is huge and is in black lettering. Another difference is that the brush head is a dark brown where as the real brush head is a lighter brown with almost white tipped bristles, it also is much more cheaply made as it is already starting to come apart.

Top - Real
Bottom - Fake

Top - Real 

Bottom - Fake

When looking at the colors in the palette you can see there is no dimension to the fake ones, the shimmers in the fake palette almost look matte. However when swatched side by side one can easily tell the difference;

Virgin: Much darker and more purple in the fake.

Sin: Darker and more purple toned.

Naked: This one is an exception as they are pretty close.

Sidecar: More purple toned again and less shimmer than the original

Buck: The fake is almost a dirty orange color while the original is a nice light matte brown

Half Baked: No shimmer in the fake, chalky and extremely powdery

Smog: Another close one.

Dark Horse: Purple toned

Toasted: The fake is a muddy red tone

Hustle: Almost looks like a purple shadow in the fake. The real is a beautiful dark brown (great crease color)

Creep: EXTREMELY pigmented in the oringal, no pigmentation with the fake

Gunmetal: Blue toned in the fake but much lighter than the original

The fake is not even well done in my opinion, the brush looks cheap, the packaging looks cheap and on the back I don't have it pictured but the Urban Decay logo is on the real one and its missing on the fake.
The colors in the fake are chalky, extremely unbleandable powdery and hard to apply. Not all easy to work with and for some reason it seems most of the shades in the fake one are  a lot more purple toned.

Please ladies and gentleman be careful where you shop or this might happen to you...

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