Sunday, 30 August 2015

A little DIY - throw some glitter in your life

Hey guys, I know it's been a little bit but I'm back with a super easy DIY project for you all!

Who else loves glitter? 
Yes it's a disaster to work with because of the mess but look how cute these wine glasses are!

What you need:
  1. Mod Podge (I did make my own water based mod podge)How To
  2. paint brush
  3. Glitter 
  4. plastic bags
  5. tape
  6. and of course wine glasses

  1. Make sure your glasses are clean!
  2. Wrap a plastic bag over the top of the glass and tape around the stem
  3. Using a paint brush, cover the bottom of the class in Mod Podge
  4. Sprinkle the glitter over the glass (tbh guys, I poured mine all over then shook it off which actually gave it a nice even finish)
  5. Let it dry!
  6. I didn't do this yet but to make it last and washable use a clear coat spray on top

and there you go SUPER EASY and fast DIY, this didn't even take me an hour to do, would be great to dress up a holiday party or any party for that matter 

Hope you guys enjoy! =)

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