Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Mini Haul

Hello again.
It's just going to be a quick post today. I came into some of my Christmas money earlier than expected so of course I headed to the mall for a little treat yo'self. 

I thought the limited edition Metal Matte palette by Kat Von D was long gone and sold out every where but no. As I was perusing through Sephora low and behold they had two left so I snatched one up immediately. This was a pretty pricey palette but it's HUGE. I'd say it's about double the size of any other palette I own and  it will take me eons to hit pan on any of these shades.  So far I've only used two of the neutral shades (Oak & Sabre) but I'm itching to get a full review up as soon as possible for you guys!

Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe Kat Von D designs all her own packaging as well and this one is extremely well done and very cool. When you flip the palette upside down it says matte but when flipped the other way it says metal which I thought was a very funky and unique design. 

These colors though, I'm drooling over here. There is a great selection of color and neutrals which I really like because with most other brands their palettes always consist of only neutrals or only colors so I love that Kat Von D has incorporated both making this really the only palette you'd need if you were say to travel and the mirror is huge if you like to use palette mirrors. I never do but it's nice to have if I end up needing it.
You're getting 13 matte shades & nine shimmers as well so an outstanding variety!

The next two items were from H&M.
I grabbed a pair of leggings with sheer paneling, which I completely bought in the wrong season but oh well. I'm excited for the weather to warm up so I can wear these babies.  The last item I purchased was just a flannel shirt, I think these are a great layering piece and while trying to find an outfit last week I noticed that I had given away all my plaid shirts and I think it's one of those staple wardrobe items so I picked up a new one.


Christmas is only four days away. What are you hoping to get?

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  1. I just found a KVD Metal Matte Palette on eBay - the seller had swatched a couple of the colours so I got it for a bargain price! <3