Friday, 16 December 2016

Liquid Silver

Hello everyone!
I'm sorry for the couple day break I took I've been busy what with Christmas being in the next couple of weeks.
I looked forever to find these discontinued Spartan Liquid Silver leggings from Blackmilk Clothing and was so ecstatic when I got my hands on them!
I'd also had this shirt sitting in my closet for months that I thrifted from my mom and was wondering how to style it so I figured I'd throw some different textures together to create a more interesting outfit. This shirt is extremely soft but it had shoulder pads, so lord knows how old it must be. Of course I cut those out before wearing the shirt as I don't need any added broadness to my shoulders.
I hope you guys like the look and if you haven't checked out Blackmilk you should as they're designs are one of a kind!

Scarf: Aldo Accessories
Shirt: Thrifted {Mom}
Leggings: Blackmilk {Discontinued}

What are your favorite ways to style different textures?


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