Thursday, 1 December 2016

Everyday Bag Essentials

You ever change out your daily bag and go somewhere to find out you're missing that one thing in your bag that you ALWAYS have with you?
I've been there more times than I'd like to admit which is how this post was born.
There are some items in my handbag that are complete staples that I couldn't live without.

1 - Wallet (this is a given) I don't understand how some people can go without a wallet. I have a rewards card for almost every store as well as my more important cards (driver's license, debit & credit) I'd be lost without it honestly.

2 - Travel make-up brushes. Being a blogger and a lover of makeup having a pack of brushes on hand is great for on the go touch ups. Mine includes a powder brush, foundation brush and three eye brushes. I'll be honest I really only use the powder brush while I'm out. Is there anyone who actually uses eye brushes while they're on the go..? I could see maybe using the foundation brush for a concealer touch up but that's about it.

3 - Phone charger. All my iPhone users out there will know this is a necessity as Apple is not known for their long lasting battery life. If I use my phone steadily for two-three hours I've already drained about half the battery. Apple if you read this please fix your batteries.

4 - Keys, self explanatory. 

5 - Powder. I've mentioned on many occasions how dry my skin is but I do get the odd oily patch so having a powder on hand is essential if my skin happens to be acting up that day.

6 - iPod - I despise riding trains or walking somewhere in silence. I've never been able to handle white noise, even while at home there will always be a T.V., laptop or radio on. Music is a great escape from the world.

7 - Nail kit. Who else hates those pesky hang nails or getting a chip in your nail that you can't file away. I always carry a mini nail kit for times of need to keep them in tip top shape.

8 - Tampons, I'm a woman so these are a definite essential. You would never want to be caught without these in a time of need.

What are your bag essentials?


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