Friday, 9 December 2016

First Foray - Contouring & Highlighting

Firstly, let me apologize for the not so terrific photo quality. With it being winter natural light has not been in my favor and I struggled for a good hour trying to take these making for a very frustrating experience.

I picked this up last week and I've never owned any other Contour products making the Shade & Light palette my first foray into the world of contouring & highlighting. I've been using it steadily for a week now and thought I'd share my thoughts and first experience.

It's composed of three light shades for highlighting and three darker shades for contouring, both which are meant to help bring dimension to the face. It included a sheet detailing where you should highlight and where you should contour to help define your features which for someone like me whose never done it I found it to be a very helpful addition.

The third lightest shade matches my skin tone perfectly making me unable to use it for highlighting and the darkest shade is far too dark, I did make attempts to use it but I would have been blending for days for it to even look slightly natural.

My favorite shade to highlight with is Lyric as I have yellow undertones in my skin and for shading I like to use the first two bottom shades (Sombre & Shadowplay) although if I use too much of Shadowplay it can start to look muddy on the face. 

These don't swatch as well as they apply to the face. When applied to the face they are smooth and buttery although I find it does take a bit more work than I'd like to blend them out and if using a brush there is slight fallout, some shades being worse than others (the two middle shades ) Using my Real Techniques Complexion sponge  while wet I find makes everything blend easier. I use Lyric as well to set my under eye concealer as it really brightens up the area and helps the concealer underneath to not crease but if you don't use a good moisturizer it can be quite drying.

You can easily mix colors together to get a color perfectly suited to you. This is a universally flattering palette that is great for beginners like myself and if like me you can't find a use for a certain shade on your skin these could be used as neutral eye shadows so they don't go to waste.
Creates a lovely natural look, great for everyday. 
Although it may be a gimmick I would like to try it out with the Kat Von D shade and light contour brush as well to see how it fairs.

For my first experience in the world of contouring it was pretty good but I would like to try other kits as well, maybe the Cream Contour kit from Anastasia Beverly Hills will be next.

What is your favorite product to use for contouring?


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