Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Benefit Gloss - Dandelion & Hoola

Hey everyone!

Hope everyone had a good weekend, I know I did. The man and I went to British Columbia and spent about 95% of our whole weekend outdoors with our pup. I love time spent in the sun.

I wanted to talk about Lip gloss. I don't know if I've mentioned before but I am not a fan and believe me I've tried. I've seen some tinted lip glosses on the market but I LOVE a bold lip and rock one just about everyday so lip gloss for me is just.... I don't even really take time anymore to look at different ones. I am quick to judge though, I'll be the first to admit. I haven't gone shopping looking for a super pigmented gloss. I know they exist I just I don't like the stickiness of gloss or overall feel so if you know one that feels more like a lipstick, let me know below!

On to two of I think four lip glosses I own (which is nothing if you've seen my lipstick collection)
Benefit Cosmetics lip gloss in the shades "Hoola" & "Dandelion"

Both of these are super sheer as you can see. Dandelion gives a nice tinted pink sheer, I don't totally hate either of these but I wouldn't buy the full sizes. Dandelion would look really gorgeous over a nude or light pink lipstick. Hoola is a pink toned brown gloss I'd say. When I wear this I wear it alone  or over top a nude lipstick. 

Benefit's glosses are sticky and I have long hair with a lot of fly aways and it constantly get's stuck on my lips when wearing these which is another negative for me for lip gloss. Like I said these are extremely sheer, I wouldn't even really say they show any color when on the lips. I am honestly glad I didn't buy the little Benefit sets these came in for these or I would have been extremely disappointed. These are both from the Ultra Plush line and retail for $16 USD on the Benefit site. 

If you like lip gloss give em' a go but for my bolder lip ladies like myself, skip this one.



What are some highly pigmented lip glosses?

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