Monday, 25 April 2016



Hey everyone! 
I wanted to write about life today. Lately, it seems life is just beating me down in all aspects from work, my relationship and even family. I won't go into to much detail but I recently found out my grandma has been hospitalized, my relationship is on the rocks and I work in an industry that doesn't always hold up during economic recession. It's extremely difficult to keep your head up when everything in life seems to go wrong and I don't know why but it always seems as if everything bad happens at one time as if one thing isn't enough. I'm going to begin putting more time into the things I really love such as fashion. After sitting down and thinking about what's been happening recently im realizing that I need to look after myself first and put my needs and well being before worrying about other people who really don't seem interested in my well being. Life is hard but all you can do is get back up and keep going, no matter how hard it beats you down.


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