Saturday, 13 January 2018

Top 5 - Nude Lips

 Hello loves!

As you all know I'm more of a dark lip fan but that doesn't mean I don't own some nudes. In fact I'll be the first to admit that the nude collection is constantly growing. Today I wanted to share with you my current top five, almost all of which are drug store.

Being fair skinned it's hard to find a nude that doesn't make me look like a washed out zombie but I've narrowed it down to my five favorites.

{left to right - Maybelline Peach Buff, Rimmel Kate Moss 40, Rimmel Nude Delight, Tarte Birthday Suit & Rimmel Kate Moss 42}

 Maybelline Peach Buff -  After looking at the swatch, I'm debating whether or not would this would be classified as a pink. Either way, it goes on smooth doesn't dry out the lips and works with a variety of looks.

Rimmel Kate Moss Nude 40 - I'm a huge fan of the Kate Moss range of lipsticks. Aside from the nude range I own almost all the colors. These are affordable, easy to wear and easy to apply. This i a tad too light but looks fantastic mixed with a darker nude. 

Rimmel Moisture Renew in Nude Delight - Usually brown toned nudes don't mesh well my skin tone but I have no issues with this one and again being on the darker side it looks better than lighter nudes which wash me out.

Tarte Birthday Suit - A recent addition to my collection. But fast becoming a firm favorite. It's the perfect combo of a dark lip and a nude at the same time. Not only that but it's matte and I love a matte lip!

Rimmel Kate Moss 42 - This one is the perfect nude color for me, not too pink nor brown. Strikes the perfect balance for my pale pale self.

What's your favorite nude?


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